Saskatoon University Newsletter

Jun 16, 2020


We faced the pandemic, together. Now we're opening Saskatchewan, together. And our economy will come back, stronger than ever. Thanks to your hard word and sacrifices we have flattened the curve and were able to implement the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan. From the beginning our plan was restrictions, resources and recovery. And that plan worked.

Yesterday we presented Budget 2020/21. As Minister of Finance stated "Saskatchewan is well positioned to recover from the effects of the pandemic because of the strength of our people and because we produce what the world needs – food, fuel and fertilizer". We have a robust path forward to help keep Saskatchewan Strong.

I was able to keep in touch during the pandemic through phone calls, zoom meetings and across the street chats. My office is open but we still encourage socially distant means of communication. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

See you in the constituency,

Eric Olauson MLA
Saskatoon University

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